Tough Topics Podcast feed

In 2012, we surveyed the congregation at Covenant of Grace (ARP) to ask: "What topics are you most uncomfortable talking about with your neighbors?" Answers included challenging moral issues, difficult Bible passages, and some challenging Christian doctrines. This series was our pastoral effort to answer the questions and equip God's people to engage with their neighbors.

Title Text Teacher Date
Abortion Genesis 2:15-25; Job 1:13-22 Paul Mulner 9/9/12
Slavery 1 Corinthians 7:17-24 Paul Mulner 9/16/12
Suicide Judges 9:52-54; 1 Samuel 31:4-5; 2 Samuel 17:23; 1 Kings 16:15-20 Paul Mulner 10/14/12
The Sons of God and the Daughters of Men Genesis 6 Patrick Gretzinger 10/21/12
Homosexuality Genesis 2:19-25; Romans 1:26-29 Paul Mulner 10/28/12
He Descended Into Hell The Apostles' Creed Patrick Gretzinger 11/11/12
Helping Those in Need Philippians 2; Matthew 25 Paul Mulner 11/18/12
Judge Not! Luke 6:37 Patrick Gretzinger 11/25/12