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Written around 56AD, Paul's letter to the church in Rome is a masterclass in Christian theology. It is his longest letter, his most detailed, and his most influential; it was central to the conversions of Augustine of Hippo, Martin Luther, and John Wesley. In the course of history, God has chosen to use the book of Romans in a particularly powerful way for his people.

Title Text Teacher Date
A Slave to Christ Romans 1:1 Paul Mulner 11/18/18
The Gospel of God Romans 1:2-7 Paul Mulner 11/25/18
The Why of Fellowship Romans 1:8-15 Paul Mulner 12/2/18
A Gospel You Can Believe In Romans 1:16-17 Paul Mulner 12/9/18
The Truth Exchange Romans 1:18-24 Paul Mulner 12/16/18
Why Jesus Matters Romans 1:26-32 Paul Mulner 12/23/18
Being a Good Judge Romans 2:1-5 Paul Mulner 12/30/18
How Bad Is It? Romans 2:6-11 Paul Mulner 1/6/19
What Good Is the Law? Romans 2:12-29 Paul Mulner 1/20/19
Sin: There's No Getting Around It Romans 3:1-4 Paul Mulner 1/27/19
No One Righteous Romans 3:9-20 Paul Mulner 2/3/19
Led to Christ By the Law Romans 3:19-20 Paul Mulner 2/10/19
The Righteousness of God in Me Romans 3:21-26 Paul Mulner 2/17/19
Boasting in Faith (Part 1) Romans 3:27-31 Paul Mulner 2/24/19
Boasting in Faith (Part 2) Romans 4:1-8 Paul Mulner 3/3/19
Cause and Effect Romans 4:9-12 Paul Mulner 3/10/19
By Grace Alone Romans 4:13-17 Paul Mulner 3/17/19
What is Hope? Romans 4:18-25 Paul Mulner 3/24/19
Circumstances of Suffering Romans 5:1-5 Paul Mulner 3/31/19
Again I say, Rejoice Romans 5:6-11 Paul Mulner 4/7/19
The Reign of Death Romans 5:12-21 Paul Mulner 4/14/19
What Difference Does it Make? Romans 6:1-11 Paul Mulner 4/21/19
The Dominion of Sin Romans 6:12-23 Paul Mulner 4/28/19
It's Dead to Me Romans 7:1-6 Paul Mulner 5/5/19
Good Things Come in Threes Romans 7:7-13 Paul Mulner 5/12/19
Understanding Yourself Romans 7:14-20 Paul Mulner 5/19/19
I Second That Emotion Romans 7:21-25 Paul Mulner 5/26/19
What the Therefore is There For Romans 8:1-4 Paul Mulner 6/2/19
Peaceful Families Romans 8:5-14 Paul Mulner 6/9/19
This Present Time Romans 8:12-25 Paul Mulner 6/16/19