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The Book of Psalms is a collection of 150 songs and poems written by followers of God and expressing the full range of human emotion. Familiarity with and love for the Psalms is a useful tool for our personal devotion as well as our corporate worship. This is not a series through the entire book, but a survey of the different types of psalms and how we can interpret and apply them faithfully.

Title Text Teacher Date
Introduction to the Psalms Paul Mulner 1/13/13
Introduction to the Psalms (Part 2) Paul Mulner 1/20/13
Introduction to the Psalms (Part 3) Paul Mulner 1/27/13
Psalms of Orientation Paul Mulner 2/3/13
Psalms of Orientation (2 of 2) Psalm 23 Paul Mulner 2/10/13
Introduction to Disorientation Psalm 13 Paul Mulner 2/24/13
Communal Laments Psalm 79, Psalm 88 Paul Mulner 3/3/13
The Imprecatory Psalms Psalm 109, Psalm 137 Paul Mulner 3/10/13
Psalms of New Orientation Psalms 107, 135, 93, 21 Paul Mulner 3/24/13