The Last Days and the Days After That Podcast feed

There are all sorts of strange views out there about what happens when we die and what will happen before and after Christ returns. In this series, we study what the Bible has to say about these vitally important issues.

This series was originally preached at Covenant of Grace (ARP) in Winston-Salem, NC.

Title Text Teacher Date
Isaiah and the "Last Days" Paul Mulner 1/13/13
A Kingdom Will Fall Isaiah 2:12-22 Paul Mulner 1/20/13
What Are You So Afraid Of? Daniel 2:1, 26-45 Patrick Gretzinger 1/27/13
The Kingdom of Redemption Hosea 3 Paul Mulner 2/10/13
When Shall These Things Be? Matthew 24; Mark 13 Paul Mulner 2/24/13
When Everybody Has No Body 2 Corinthians 4:16-5:11 Harper Price 3/17/13
It's Time to Wait 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 Paul Mulner 3/24/13
Behold, All Things Become New Revelation 21 Paul Mulner 3/31/13