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Each of the four gospel writers brings a unique perspective and personal style to their record of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. Of these John's is perhaps the most unique. This study of his Gospel highlights the humanity and divinity of Christ expressed through John's beautiful and poetic language.

This series was originally preached at Covenant of Grace (ARP) in Winston-Salem, NC.

Title Text Teacher Date
Let's Go Back to the Beginning John 1:1-5 Paul Mulner 12/19/10
A Story About a Man Sent From God John 1:6-18 Paul Mulner 1/2/11
What Do You Say About Yourself? John 1:19-28 Paul Mulner 1/9/11
Now I've Seen It All John 1:29-34 Paul Mulner 1/16/11
When Jesus Names Names John 1:35-42 Paul Mulner 1/30/11
Seeing Ourselves, and Him, As We Really Are John 1:43-51 Paul Mulner 2/6/11
A Wedding, Some Water, and Wine John 2:1-12 Paul Mulner 2/20/11
When Jesus Gets Angry John 2:13-25 Paul Mulner 2/27/11
For God So Loved the World John 3:1-21 Paul Mulner 3/6/11
He Must Increase John 3:22-30 Paul Mulner 3/20/11
He Whom God Has Sent John 3:31-36 Paul Mulner 3/27/11
How to Have your Thirst Quenched John 4:1-30 Paul Mulner 4/3/11
Believing for Yourself John 4:31-45 Paul Mulner 4/10/11
Savior of the Unsure John 4:45-54 Paul Mulner 4/17/11
Missing the Forest for the Trees John 5:1-17 Paul Mulner 4/24/11
The First Father-Son Relationship John 5:18-29 Paul Mulner 5/1/11
Jesus on Trial John 5:30-47 Paul Mulner 5/8/11
How to Satisfy a Hungry Crowd John 6:1-15 Paul Mulner 5/15/11
Words that Clear the Storm John 6:16-21 Paul Mulner 5/22/11
Better than Loaves and Fishes John 6:22-59 Paul Mulner 5/29/11
The Only Reason to Follow Jesus John 6:60-71 Paul Mulner 6/5/11
Life is Complicated John 7:1-24 Paul Mulner 6/12/11
Certainly Unsure John 7:25-52 Paul Mulner 6/26/11
A Controversial Story about a Controversial Woman John 8:1-11 Paul Mulner 7/10/11
The Light of the World John 8:12-30 Paul Mulner 7/17/11
Believing The Truth will Set You Free; Telling the Truth will Get you Killed John 8:31-59 Paul Mulner 7/24/11
A Blind Man Who Sees It All John 9:1-41 Paul Mulner 7/31/11
The Shepherd vs. the Thief John 10:1-21 Paul Mulner 8/14/11
There Are No Stupid Questions John 10:22-42 Paul Mulner 8/21/11
Who Wants to Die? John 11:1-16 Paul Mulner 8/28/11
Who Wants to Live? John 11:17-44 Paul Mulner 9/4/11
Truer words were never spoken John 11:45-57 Paul Mulner 9/11/11
Waste Not, Want Not John 12:1-11 Paul Mulner 10/2/11
Triumph and Tragedy John 12:12-36 Paul Mulner 10/9/11
Those Who Could Not Believe John 12:34-50 Paul Mulner 10/16/11
Of What Use is a Foot-Washing? John 13:1-30 Paul Mulner 10/23/11
The Peace of Obedience John 13:31-14:31 Paul Mulner 10/30/11
Chosen for Love John 15:1-17 Paul Mulner 11/13/11
Chosen for Hate John 15:18-16:4 Paul Mulner 11/20/11
How can the Hated Love? John 16:5-15 Paul Mulner 11/27/11
Sorrow, Tribulation, and Jesus John 16:16-33 Paul Mulner 12/4/11
When Jesus Prayed John 17 Paul Mulner 12/11/11
Betrayed, Denied, and Rejected, and Sentenced John 18:1-19:16 Paul Mulner 12/18/11
God is Dead John 19:17-42 Paul Mulner 12/25/11
Alive John 20 Paul Mulner 1/1/12
Teach a Man to Fish John 21:1-14 Paul Mulner 1/8/12
But Jesus, That's Not Fair! John 21:15-23 Paul Mulner 1/15/12
How Do You Hold an Ocean in a Coffee Cup? John 21:24-25 Paul Mulner 1/22/12