What Does Jesus Bless and Curse? Podcast feed

In this study from the Gospel of Luke, we look at the passages where Jesus utters blessings and curses. What are the things that cause our Lord to issue covenant curses? Who receives covenant blessings?

This series was originally preached at Sandy Plains ARP Church in Tryon, NC.

Title Text Teacher Date
Blessed Are You Luke 6:20-22 Paul Mulner 7/11/10
But Woe to You Luke 6:24-26 Paul Mulner 7/18/10
Being Offended By Christ Luke 7:23 Paul Mulner 7/25/10
The Truly Unforgivable Sin Luke 10:13 Paul Mulner 8/8/10
Blessed Are the Eyes that See Luke 10:23 Paul Mulner 8/15/10
Blessed Are the Lawkeepers Luke 11:28 Paul Mulner 8/22/10
Woes to the Hypocrites Luke 11:42-43 Paul Mulner 8/29/10
Woes to Those Who Stand Against the Church Luke 11:45-52 Paul Mulner 9/5/10
Woe to the Tempters Luke 17:1 Paul Mulner 9/12/10
Woe to the One Who Betrays Luke 22:22 Paul Mulner 9/19/10
Blessed are the Faithful Servants Luke 12:37-43 Paul Mulner 9/26/10