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Isaiah is a prophet who spoke prophetic words of judgment and redemption. He is the most quoted prophet by the New Testament authors and his book tells us more about Christ than any other book in the Old Testament.

This series was originally preached at Covenant of Grace (ARP) in Winston-Salem, NC.

Title Text Teacher Date
Come Let Us Reason Together Isaiah 1 Paul Mulner 1/29/12
Pride and (Lack of) Prejudice Isaiah 2 Paul Mulner 2/5/12
The Lord Gives; The Lord Takes Away Isaiah 3-4 Paul Mulner 2/12/12
A Heapin’ Helpin’ of Stink-Fruit Isaiah 5 Paul Mulner 2/19/12
Holy, Holy, Holy Isaiah 6 Paul Mulner 3/4/12
How Faithful is God? Isaiah 7 Paul Mulner 3/18/12
Where's Your Hope? Isaiah 8 Paul Mulner 3/25/12
For Unto Us a Child Is Born Isaiah 9:1-7 Paul Mulner 4/1/12
How to Stir Up God's Wrath Isaiah 9:8-10:19 Paul Mulner 4/8/12
Preserved Isaiah 10:20-11:16 Paul Mulner 4/15/12
Sometimes You've Just Got To Sing Isaiah 12 Paul Mulner 5/6/12
The Judgment of Babylon Isaiah 13 Paul Mulner 5/13/12
Rejoicing in the Judgment of God Isaiah 14:1-23 Paul Mulner 5/20/12
He's Got the Whole World In His Hands Isaiah 14:24-19:15 Paul Mulner 5/27/12
The Breadth of His Day Isaiah 19:16-24 Paul Mulner 6/3/12
Shamed Isaiah 20 Paul Mulner 6/10/12
The Falling of False Gods Isaiah 21 Paul Mulner 7/1/12
Looking for Salvation in All the Wrong Places Isaiah 22 Paul Mulner 7/8/12
The Stunning Quiet of Desolation Isaiah 23-25 Paul Mulner 7/15/12
The Discipline of Waiting Isaiah 26 Paul Mulner 7/22/12
A Tale of Two Churches Isaiah 27:1-28:13 Paul Mulner 7/29/12
A Cornerstone and a Plumbline Isaiah 28:14-29 Paul Mulner 8/5/12
The Destruction of Jerusalem Isaiah 29 Paul Mulner 8/12/12
Planning for Ruin Isaiah 30:1-7 Paul Mulner 8/19/12
The Beauty of De-merited Favor Isaiah 30:8-33 Paul Mulner 8/26/12
Is It of God? Or Is It of Man? Isaiah 31 Paul Mulner 9/2/12
Waiting without Complacency Isaiah 32-33 Paul Mulner 9/9/12
The Ransomed Fear no Wrath Isaiah 34-35 Paul Mulner 9/16/12
On What Do You Rest This Trust? Isaiah 36 Paul Mulner 9/23/12
How Christians Can Change the World Isaiah 37-38 Paul Mulner 9/30/12
When Pride Replaces Faith Isaiah 39 Paul Mulner 10/7/12
Comfort, Comfort My People Isaiah 40 Paul Mulner 10/14/12
Fear: Are we Okay with It? Isaiah 41:1-20 Paul Mulner 10/28/12
False gods and a Real God Isaiah 41:21-42:9 Paul Mulner 11/18/12
Praising God in the Toughest of Times Isaiah 42:10-25 Paul Mulner 11/18/12
Thankful for a Savior Isaiah 43 Paul Mulner 12/2/12
The Covenant of Grace Isaiah 44:1-8 Paul Mulner 12/9/12
Idols are Dumb Isaiah 44:9-28; 46 Paul Mulner 12/23/12
The Instruments of God's Power Isaiah 45 Paul Mulner 1/6/13
Two Kinds of Humiliation Isaiah 47-48 Paul Mulner 1/13/13
He Exalts at the Proper Time (Part 1) Isaiah 49:1-7 Paul Mulner 1/20/13
He Exalts at the Proper Time (Part 2) Isaiah 49:8-26 Paul Mulner 1/27/13
He Is Not Us Isaiah 50 Paul Mulner 2/3/13
We've Had All the Wrath We Can Take Isaiah 51 Paul Mulner 2/10/13
The Beauty of God's Redemption Isaiah 52 Paul Mulner 2/24/13
The Songs of the Servant Isaiah 52:13-53:12 Paul Mulner 3/3/13
Peace, Peace (For Real This Time) Isaiah 54-55 Paul Mulner 3/10/13
Our Way? Or His Way? Isaiah 56-58 Paul Mulner 3/24/13
The Greatness of Our Guilt Isaiah 59 Paul Mulner 3/31/13
The Glory of God's Church Isaiah 60-62 Paul Mulner 4/7/13
Christ the Warrior Isaiah 63:1-6 Paul Mulner 4/14/13
The Effectual Fervent Prayer of a Righteous Man Isaiah 63:7-64:12 Paul Mulner 4/21/13
What Are We Waiting For? Isaiah 65-66 Paul Mulner 4/28/13