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We live in a world in which men and women have all but lost the sense of their identity — as those made in God's image, for his glory, and as the crowning act of His creation. In this new series our pastor will seek to counter such rootlessness by going back to the beginning and studying God’s created order. In particular we will take a close look at the first three chapters of the Bible to see man before, during, and after the fall. A clearheaded understanding of these chapters are essential if we are not only to grasp the central thrust of Scripture, but also form a robust Christian Worldview.

This series was preached by Neil Stewart at Christ Covenant Church in Greensboro, NC in early 2017.

Title Text Teacher Date
Why Study Genesis? Genesis 1:1 Neil Stewart 1/1/17
Proving God's Existence Genesis 1:1 Neil Stewart 1/15/17
Meeting God for the First Time Genesis 1:1-3 Neil Stewart 1/22/17
God, the Universal Reference Point Genesis 1:1-2:3 Neil Stewart 1/29/17
Science and Creation Genesis 1 Neil Stewart 2/5/17
What is Man? Genesis 1:26-31 Neil Stewart 2/12/17
The Meaning and Purpose of Life Genesis 1:28 Neil Stewart 3/5/17
The Fruitful Life Genesis 1:26-28 Neil Stewart 3/12/17
Baby Boomers Genesis 1:26-28 Neil Stewart 3/26/17
The Prince and the Pauper Genesis 1:26-28 Neil Stewart 4/2/17
Stop in the Name of Worship Genesis 2:1-3 Neil Stewart 4/9/17
A Delightful Day Genesis 2:1-3 Neil Stewart 4/23/17
The Lord of Sabbath and Rest Matthew 11:28-12:21 Neil Stewart 4/30/17
Another Day In Paradise Genesis 2:4-17 Neil Stewart 5/7/17
A Priest in Paradise Genesis 2:4-17 Neil Stewart 5/28/17
A Man for All Men Genesis 2:15-17 Neil Stewart 6/4/17
Something's Missing in Paradise Genesis 2:8-25 Neil Stewart 6/11/17
Know Your Enemy Genesis 3:1-6 Neil Stewart 6/18/17
Satan Attacks Weakness Genesis 3:1-7 Neil Stewart 6/25/17
Satan Spreads Doubt Genesis 3:1-7 Neil Stewart 7/2/17
Satan Sweetens Sin Genesis 3:1-7 Neil Stewart 7/9/17
Naked Shame Genesis 3:7-13 Neil Stewart 7/16/17
The Reaping Part of Sowing Genesis 3:8-21 Neil Stewart 7/23/17
Responding to Failure Genesis 3:20-24 Neil Stewart 7/30/17
By Faith ALONE Genesis 4:1-8 Neil Stewart 8/6/17
Worship Wars Genesis 4:1-16 Neil Stewart 8/13/17
Apples Rarely Fall Far Genesis 4:16-26 Neil Stewart 8/27/17
Outwalking Death Genesis 5 Neil Stewart 9/3/17