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The first three chapters of Genesis are the nail upon which the rest of Scripture hangs. Here, God introduces all the key components of the Gospel, including his own nature. But how do we read these chapters in the 21st century? Can we take them literally? Is the choice really between taking God at his word and abandoning all reason and rationality? Let's discuss.

Title Text Teacher Date
Creator and Creatures Genesis 1:1 Paul Mulner 5/19/19
Can Genesis Be Trusted? Genesis 1-3 Paul Mulner 5/26/19
Can Genesis Be Trusted (Concluding Thoughts) Genesis 1-3 Paul Mulner 6/2/19
Who is God? (Part 1) Genesis 1:1-5 Paul Mulner 6/2/19
Who is God? (Part 2) Genesis 1:1-5 Paul Mulner 6/9/19
Two Creation Accounts? Genesis 1-2 Paul Mulner 6/16/19
Genesis 1 and Biodiversity (Part 1) Genesis 1:1-2:4 Paul Mulner 6/30/19
Genesis 1 and Biodiversity (Part 2) Genesis 1:1-2:3 Paul Mulner 7/7/19
Genesis 1 and Biodiversity (Part 3) Genesis 1:1-2:3 Paul Mulner 7/21/19
Genesis 1 and Biodiversity (Part 4) Genesis 1:1-2:3 Paul Mulner 7/28/19
How to Read the Bible Genesis 1 Paul Mulner 9/1/19
Creation Mandates Genesis 1:26-31 Paul Mulner 9/8/19
The Seventh Day Genesis 2:1-3 Paul Mulner 9/15/19