Think Feel Do - Watch Yourself

Luke 22:14-34 ยท Paul Mulner

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Title Text Teacher Date
The Two Natures of Christ Psalm 5:4-5; John 21:15-19 Paul Mulner 1/10/16
Jesus Mourns the Satisfied and Hates Their Satisfaction Luke 6:24-26 Paul Mulner 1/24/16
Think Feel Do - Being Satisfied Luke 6:24-26 Paul Mulner 1/31/16
Jesus Loves Those Who Resist the Fear of Man Luke 7:19-23 Paul Mulner 2/7/16
Jesus Loves the Eyes That See Luke 10:17-24 Paul Mulner 2/28/16
Jesus Loves Those Who Keep the Word Luke 11:14-32 Paul Mulner 3/13/16
Jesus Hates the Hypocrite Luke 11:37-44 Paul Mulner 3/20/16
Jesus Hates Those Who Stand Against Truth Luke 11:45-54 Paul Mulner 4/3/16
Jesus Hates The Tempters Luke 17:1-4 Paul Mulner 4/10/16
Jesus Loves the Faithful Servant Luke 12:27-48 Paul Mulner 4/17/16
Jesus Hates the Betrayer Luke 22:14-34 Paul Mulner 4/24/16
Think Feel Do - Watch Yourself Luke 22:14-34 Paul Mulner 5/1/16
Building the Habit of Bible-Reading Paul Mulner 5/8/16