Conforming Our Affections Podcast feed

Why were all of Jesus' thoughts and actions pleasing to God while so many of ours are not? How is it that Jesus' emotional outbursts were always appropriate and mine frequently involve sin? Scripture commands us to "walk as he walked," to "be imitators" of him, and to have our minds conformed to his - but where do we even start?

The answer, Scripture teaches, is with our affections. Learning to love what he loves and learning to hate what he hates is the starting point for having thoughts, words and even emotions that are pleasing to God. In this class we'll consider what happens in a Christian life when we begin to act out of love for God, others, and justice rather than love for self, comfort, and stuff. We'll also talk a great deal about hate: what we should hate, why we should hate, and how that hate should be expressed.

Title Text Teacher Date
The Two Natures of Christ Psalm 5:4-5; John 21:15-19 Paul Mulner 1/10/16
Jesus Mourns the Satisfied and Hates Their Satisfaction Luke 6:24-26 Paul Mulner 1/24/16
Think Feel Do - Being Satisfied Luke 6:24-26 Paul Mulner 1/31/16
Jesus Loves Those Who Resist the Fear of Man Luke 7:19-23 Paul Mulner 2/7/16
Jesus Loves the Eyes That See Luke 10:17-24 Paul Mulner 2/28/16
Jesus Loves Those Who Keep the Word Luke 11:14-32 Paul Mulner 3/13/16
Jesus Hates the Hypocrite Luke 11:37-44 Paul Mulner 3/20/16
Jesus Hates Those Who Stand Against Truth Luke 11:45-54 Paul Mulner 4/3/16
Jesus Hates The Tempters Luke 17:1-4 Paul Mulner 4/10/16
Jesus Loves the Faithful Servant Luke 12:27-48 Paul Mulner 4/17/16
Jesus Hates the Betrayer Luke 22:14-34 Paul Mulner 4/24/16
Think Feel Do - Watch Yourself Luke 22:14-34 Paul Mulner 5/1/16
Building the Habit of Bible-Reading Paul Mulner 5/8/16