Biblical Decision-Making Podcast feed

This class is a series of case-studies testing out a Biblical approach to making decisions.

Starting with more impersonal decisions (how to decide to start a church, who should lead, how we should worship, and what we should sing), we then moved to the deeply personal: where should I go to college, what work should I do, who should I marry. Finally, we talk about decisions of family life: where should we live, how should we spend our money, how should we educate our children, how should we care for our aging parents.

This is not a class about telling people what to decide, but how to decide. There are lots of wise answers to each of the questions above, and we’re not pretending to have the one right answer. Our goal is to teach how to narrow these situations down to the best lawful options and then have the freedom to make a choice.

Originally taught at Westminster Presbyterian (PCA), Atlanta in Winter/Spring 2015.

Title Text Teacher Date
The Decision-Making Matrix Paul Mulner 1/4/15
Finding the Will of God Paul Mulner 1/11/15
Starting a Church Paul Mulner 1/18/15
Deciding How to Worship Paul Mulner 1/25/15
How do we pick good music to sing? Paul Mulner 2/1/15
Catch up, Q&A, etc. re: Decision Making Paul Mulner 2/8/15
Let It Go Paul Mulner 2/15/15
How Do I Date Paul Mulner 3/1/15
Decisions about Dating, Marriage, and Having Kids Paul Mulner 3/8/15
How Should I Educate My Children Paul Mulner 3/15/15
Q&A On Education Paul Mulner 3/22/15
How Do I Handle Conflict? Paul Mulner 3/29/15
Men and Women (Rabbit Trail) Paul Mulner 4/19/15
More Q&A about Work and Education Paul Mulner 4/26/15
Decisions about Money Paul Mulner 5/3/15
Decisions about Time Paul Mulner 5/10/15
Wisdom, Politics and Prayer Paul Mulner 5/17/15