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When we join a church, we normally take vows that including accepting the doctrines of that church. Joining a church in the PCA means accepting the doctrines of the Westminster Standards. In this class, we look at the Westminster Confession of Faith to better understand what we believe and why we believe it.
This class was originally taught at Westminster Presbyterian (PCA), in Atlanta, GA.

Title Text Teacher Date
A Brief History of the Westminster Assembly Paul Mulner 8/17/14
What We believe about Scripture (Part 2) WCF I Paul Mulner 8/31/14
What we believe about what God has done WCF III-V Paul Mulner 9/14/14
What we believe about God’s relationship to mankind WCF VI-IX Paul Mulner 9/21/14
Westminster Confession of Faith - Q&A #1 Paul Mulner 9/28/14
God’s Law and Human Liberty WCF XIX-XX Paul Mulner 10/5/14
Worship WCF XXI Paul Mulner 10/12/14
The Christian Sabbath WCF XXI Paul Mulner 10/19/14
Oaths, Vows and the Civil Magistrate WCF XXII-XXIII Paul Mulner 10/26/14
Westminster Confession of Faith - Q&A #2 Paul Mulner 11/2/14
Of the Church WCF XXV Paul Mulner 11/16/14
Sacraments (Generally) and Baptism (Specifically) WCF XXVII-XXVIII Paul Mulner 11/23/14
The Lord's Supper WCF XXIX Paul Mulner 11/30/14
WCF Class Wrap Up and Q&A Paul Mulner 12/7/14