Born to Die

Matthew 27:32-61 ยท Paul Mulner

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Due to a recording error, only the exposition portion of the Sunday School class is available.

Title Text Teacher Date
Something Old, Something New Matthew 1:1 Paul Mulner 8/16/15
All in the Family Matthew 1:1-17 Paul Mulner 8/23/15
When Jesus Blesses Matthew 5:1-16 Paul Mulner 8/30/15
Is it Said, or Is it Written? Matthew 5:17-48 Paul Mulner 9/6/15
The One Who Saves Matthew 11:25-30 Paul Mulner 9/13/15
Q&A Sunday #1 Paul Mulner 9/20/15
When Shall These Things Be? Matthew 24-25, Luke 21, Mark 13 Paul Mulner 10/25/15
End Times Views Matthew 24-25 Paul Mulner 11/1/15
Born to Die Matthew 27:32-61 Paul Mulner 11/22/15
Gather and Perfect Matthew 28:16-20 Paul Mulner 12/6/15