The Gospel of Matthew Podcast feed

Matthew's gospel contains the lengthiest records of Jesus' teaching in the entire New Testament. Writing primarily to a Jewish audience, Matthew endeavors to ground Jesus' life, words and works squarely in the context of the anticipated messiah. In this course, we'll study selected portions of the book with particular emphasis on how we can apply these teachings to our own lives.

Each lesson is organized into three sections: 1) an exposition of the text; 2) questions and answers about that exposition; 3) additional discussion around other issues contained in the passage.

Title Text Teacher Date
Something Old, Something New Matthew 1:1 Paul Mulner 8/16/15
All in the Family Matthew 1:1-17 Paul Mulner 8/23/15
When Jesus Blesses Matthew 5:1-16 Paul Mulner 8/30/15
Is it Said, or Is it Written? Matthew 5:17-48 Paul Mulner 9/6/15
The One Who Saves Matthew 11:25-30 Paul Mulner 9/13/15
Q&A Sunday #1 Paul Mulner 9/20/15
When Shall These Things Be? Matthew 24-25, Luke 21, Mark 13 Paul Mulner 10/25/15
End Times Views Matthew 24-25 Paul Mulner 11/1/15
Born to Die Matthew 27:32-61 Paul Mulner 11/22/15
Gather and Perfect Matthew 28:16-20 Paul Mulner 12/6/15