RSS Feeds

We want the content here to be easily accessible no matter when or where you want to hear it. To that end, we offer several RSS feeds. In addition, every "series" (sermon, Sunday School or lecture) has a unique feed so that you can easily access that content from a PodCatching application, like Apple's "Podcasts" app or the - way better - Overcast iOS app. Also, you access feeds for individual series directly from the main page of that series. A list of (almost) all of the series is available here.

All Content Feed.

This feed includes all of the audio uploaded to the site. This is a pretty overwhelming feed, as it will update every time something new is added. Use with caution, but this feed is the easiest way to access all of the content from your PodCatcher.

Sound Words Radio Feed.

While we're done producing new shows (for now) this feed would allow you easy access to all of the programs recorded between 2011 and 2012. (I'm not quite done uploading these, so the feed will update as I get additional episodes online.)